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Amegan CCTV and Security Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I see the cameras on my phone?

As long as there’s internet provided via broadband of 4G routers installed to provide a link to the internet all modern systems have the ability now. As well as alerts can be set up for push notifications. Older systems won’t have an app but may still be accessed via a PC.

3. Can you have a wireless system?
Yes you can but there are a few different solutions. Wireless aerials can be used As well with the smallest distance up-to 400m to kilometres. This makes the system one but split into mini network hubs. As long as there is power in these locations then sky’s the limit on what you want. 

5. What sort of quality are the new cameras?
Most new cameras start at 1080p which is the same as most people’s TV’s with some top quality cameras have ultra HD quality 4&8 megspixels. 

7. Do you have to always do a site visit?
We like to alway do a free site visit for serious customers because this not only politely engages us with the customers to answers any question pertaining, but also give us a good chance to plan an installation method and the best plan to execute the delivery. Checking for any issues and also suggesting ideas on what’s possible and what’s not. 

9. What does PTZ stand for and are they better cameras?
Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras aren’t more expensive but have a verity of capabilities others don’t. Nowadays they have infa-red built in and can take it to the limit of the zoom some 200m. Also sensors can be added and other smart features like smart auto tracking. 

11. What Types of CCTV Cameras are there?

CCTV cameras are available in black and white or colour. The different types of cameras are Board CCTV cameras, Bullet CCTV cameras, Fixed Dome cameras or Vandal Proof cameras, Fixed CCTV cameras ( Static cameras), Zoom cameras, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras, High Speed Dome cameras and IP (Internet Protocol) Network Cameras.

2. What are the system capabilities?
You can have a 4 , 8, 16, 32 64, 128 camera system. The 4&8 are most popular among the domestic and small commercial markets. 
Larger businesses require the 16 upward with the amount of areas needed to be covered. 

4. Can you have new cameras on old cables?
Yes you can with a thorough inspection if the cables are in good health then there are some really good quality cameras to choose from now. 

6. Can I add to my existing system?
Give us a brief description of the quality and make of the system and state and possibly send a photo of the equipment and let’s have a chat about the age quality etc and what you want to achieve. You can send correspondence via the website contact page and attach photos as well. Alternatively email us of you call always call. 

8. What’s your payment terms?
We do a free site survey so to plan an installation method for you. After which we email a quotation across. At this stage we ask for 50% on acceptance of the quotation. Once received we can plan an installation date with you. After completion of works we require payment with in 7 to 14 days. 

10. How long does the system record for?
Most hard drives now can last between two to four weeks. With the quality of cameras now and motion recording the duration can be adjusted. The data protection act of retention of images is a month so most people go for that. 

12. Which CCTV System Is Right for Me?

 CCTV systems  are designed after evaluating your specific security requirements, so you can rest assured that your new video surveillance system will provide the right level of protection for your home or workplace. A wide range of features and options are available, so you’re sure to find a CCTV system that meets your safety  requirements and budget.

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